BKL Car Crushing Facility – BeamNG Drive

bkl-car-crushing-facility-4 bkl-car-crushing-facility-2 bkl-car-crushing-facility-3 bkl-car-crushing-facility

Mod BKL Car Crushing Facility for BeamNG Drive game.

Author: Bisofication

Mod car stationary crusher which can be used to grind any equipment into scrap metal.

Thresher run arrow button (on the standard gas vehicles)

DOWNLOAD Beamng.com

Test version: BeamNG DRIVE 0.7

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2 Responses

  1. logan says:

    how to download???????

  2. Nathan Joseph says:

    Whenever I spawn up the machine, it glitches out, the game pauses, and a message appears in the top left-hand corner of my screen saying, “Instability detected. Vehicle restored and game paused.” I’m pretty sure the problem is that the 0.8 update broke it. Please fix this for 0.8, I believe in you, ;}

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