BeamNG Drive Version 0.6.1 Released

beamng Version 0.6.1 released

  • Added wood planks prop
  • Miramar: added 3 skins
  • Barstow: Added wheelie bar, minor jbeam improvements
  • ETKI: Added “Dreid” skin, added oil cooler, fixed rally struts causing physics crash, raised tow hitch to clear dual exhaust, minor texture/UV fixes
  • SBR4: Fixed front brake mesh stretching when turning, increased suspension damping, added hill climb variant
  • Replay System: Fixed replay spikes in the most common cases (not all of them)
  • Added functionality to set and control (as fix speed or as a limit) the speed of the entire route planned by the AI
  • Added Downhill Rally scenario
  • UI App editor no longer requires “advanced mode”
  • Fixed a random crash when the game or computer is inactive for some time or when OS open some app/windows
  • Fixed “auto place” of vehicles spawning on places other than the desired position

Full changelog (with lots more media) in our blog:

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