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As time goes on, the game will start developing and you can still get instant access to the game and start playing as you like. At first, you need to be excited to play this game even when it is not yet developed so that when it progresses further you must have been engrossed in the game already. The game has an early stage and also an advanced stage but one has to get acquainted with the early stage before you will be able to enjoy the fully-fledged version. You should know that the early stage of this game would be more accessible than the developed stage but you should also know that once you gain access to the developed stage it will be costlier than the early stage. At the current stage of beamng mods, it is currently a sandbox vehicle stimulator that has a wide variety of vehicles and terrains with a very basic gameplay but suggestions and feedbacks from our loyal clients would give us a clue on how to involve the community in the developing process so as to satisfy all clients.