AT-THE Remastered – BeamNG DRIVE


AT-TE Remastered unique heavy vehicle from Star Wars. Some of you may remember him from the game RoR. It was my first car and it was quite popular. I have decided that it is appropriate to select it as the first project for, as well. The original version was in RoR submesh car, so that the model has been updated. He also got new wheels and suspension.

The truck has three options for the chassis, it should be noted that the animation is running well implemented. There is a sound of the engine. The truck is heavy and easily crushes the original transport BeamNG DRIVE, actually in it and its essence, as the physics of damage is unfortunately not implemented in this fashion. Also, AT-TE truck perfectly overcome difficult obstacles.

Author: Enterprise-E

Test version:


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  1. cesar says:

    the file has been brokem, says “no file”

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